I’ve never seen something like it before, and I’m simply dazzled to see all this creativity and variety of colors and models! It’s exactly what I wanted, something that would allow me to give my kids and grandkids a unique and personalized gift! Oh they’ll love it so much! I’m so happy that I can give them such joy, they’ll never forget it and will always remember me each time they are playing with it or even when simply seeing the beautiful gift. Yes, it’s perfect! you thought to yourself with enthusiasm while browsing through the garden.

You`re so excited while all this creativity is filling up your eyes and heart that you feel you are a child again, and can only imagine how happy the little ones will be when they will see the gifts. And then an idea flashes in mind, without even being totally aware of it:

Why Garden of Designs? Should I do a bit more research, to be sure I’m making the best choice? Maybe I shouldn’t rush myself?

And if these thoughts did cross your mind, lady, I want to tell you it’s absolutely fine. I am glad you are asking yourself these questions. To be honest, I’d be surprised a bit if you hadn’t asked them, given that it always causes you great discontent to divide your money between your hobbies, making gifts to your family and household necessities. Under these conditions, of course it’s normal to be cautious and invest your money in the best way and really get a satisfactory bargain from your investment. 

Besides, you want only the best for your kids and grandkid and hence, wondering why the garden of designs is perfectly legit.

So why the Garden of Designs?

Because here your needs are understood and your wishes respected. Here, the entire activity is happening around your need to know that you made the best choice  while also getting a unique present for your loved ones. 

The designs that we have are so complex, original and versatile, and they allow us to make a great variety of embroidery projects. 

Just think of a field full of flowers that have a multitude of shapes and colors….Choosing from such a variety is always easy, fun and gratifying. 

And in the garden of designs we help you to give your little ones a special and rare gift just like them, offering you: 

  • Embroidery designs with complete step by step instructions to make dolls, toys and many other types of exquisite gifts
  • Designs even for those small hoops and we are constantly pushing the limits of embroidery to bring the most inventive and ingenious solutions to match your needs
  • Projects/models for which you can use scrap fabrics and also we have both picture and video tutorials so the products  come out great on the first try and therefore less material is wasted. 

We cherish your heartfelt desire to share joy and love in the form of a rare, without-equal present, and for this we think that you, the loving mom/grandmother/aunt deserve the best resources to make this happen easily, anytime, with every special occasion. We all know how kids get when their bday or holiday is approaching, isn’t it?  They have but one word in their mind: ”Presents”

Therefore, as way to show this appreciation , we created this option for you: 

You buy it once and use it a lifetime, completely unlimited re-downloads.

Yes, it’s all for you.

Because we treasure a kind gesture sprung from the heart and given, with love, to those important to you. We want you to have this available every time you want or need, with every special moment and occasion. Endless moments of joy, love, smiles, hugs, and I love you`s. 


Much love,

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