hippo Felt purse ITH machine embroidery design pattern

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Imagine this…

You get a call from a friend inviting you to her kid’s birthday party. You are very excited, but also a bit anxious because you really don’t know what an appropriate gift would be.

You go to the mall, spend a good few hours searching through all the stores trying to find the perfect toy, just to end up going to the party and seeing that someone else bought the same toy.

And you end up feeling really awkward about the whole situation.

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Well it is true! Now you can use this FREE PATTERN to make this cute toy with your own embroidery machine!!

Who are we?

Hello, we are Amalia and Reina, two ladies with a passion for machine embroidery. Using our creativity, we help people choose the best personalized gifts that will certainly have a special place in the heart of their little ones!

We believe in beauty, art, creativity and things made from the heart.

But we also cherish these values deeply:

These are our pillars and laws according to which we fulfill our work!

Amalia & Reina

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hippo Felt purse ITH machine embroidery design pattern

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