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I know you treasure your loved ones very much. You love to spend time with your kids and grandkids. You are highly interested in their well-being, and so you love to cook healthy meals for them, or read books together, or watch exciting movies. 

Anything that gives you meaning and makes you feel useful and helpful – this is where spring of joy is, because it enlarges the life within you to do something significant, to cause a change  big or small, and to be recognized for your  work. 

It’s bringing endless smiles on your face, isn’t it?

You want them to have the most beautiful image of you, and collect blissful memories and time together. You want to give them the best and spoil them with the best and so you are happy and more than willing to pay the price for having something particular. 

But how to attain something like this when you dislike going to the store and search tirelessly for the perfect gift?

And as if this weren’t enough, to realize that someone else has bought that same gift, too? 

No, this is clearly not for you.

What you want is to spend your time doing something you love and at the end, to have a wonderful, one of a kind and special gift, something only for themselves, MADE for themselves. 

I understand you very well, lady. I believe you are in the right place.

I too see all the nice ladies making gifts for their grandkids,nieces and nephews . They love to embroider, sew and work with textiles.

Most of them are christians and get involved with church activities. They do charity work for kids, elders and helping those in need. 

I see them working with passion and I tell myself:

 “That’s how I want to be one day” and it’s such a joy to design for them. 


And out of this joy and love, The Garden of Designs idea was born. 

I fell in love with the textiles when I was eight and got the chance to use my mother’s sewing machine. My sister, Angela, is a seamstress and she used to make me clothes. I was such a proud little girl because I used the scraps she left to make my own scrunchies assorted to all the outfits she made for me.

When I was in high school I spent a lot of my free time crocheting, knitting and sewing. After having my first kid I started painting and one day an opportunity came my way, someone was selling an embroidery machine. It was the same one I used to dream about in high school, when I saw it in a magazine. I took this as a sign and bought it. I gave up everything and started embroidery. After a few months my sister Angela moved back to Romania after living 15+ years in Italy. I was so happy she came and I invited her to join me in my business and she accepted. She was doing all the sewing and I was doing all embroidery. Then I decided to teach her to do embroidery and took the machine to her house. My big surprise was her daughter, Elena, who took an interest in the machine and fell in love with embroidery. She was 18 years old then and a very talented artist. Her passion is to draw manga cartoon style characters and she loves dolls.

We needed a name and I really wanted it to be about us and to have a nice acronym. We live in the countryside so we felt the garden represented us perfectly due to its variety, diversity and myriad of colors and shapes. 

Because not only we love embroidery and sewing, we also love teaching it to others. And so, by using our creativity, we help people to make the best personalized gifts that will certainly have a  special place in the heart of their little ones. We created free designs as well, for those who feel they want our designs but are not 100% convinced it’s a right match, or not completely decided yet. 

We believe in beauty, art, creativity and things made from the heart. But we also cherish deeply and believe in things like:

  • Quality over quantity. designs are so complex, original and versatile and they allow us to make a great variety of embroidery projects.
  • Genuine and trustworthy relationships
  • Excellent customer care
  • Commitment to high quality work. We are the first digitizers to sell manga cartoon inspired dolls, toys and other ITH embroidery designs.

These are our pillars and our very laws and we are fulfilling the work according to them. 


The skilled digital gardeners.

Amalia Tira


Reina Salazar