New embroidery collection – Kawaii stuffed toys

Watermelon kawaii stuffed toy ith machine embroidery design pattern project

Hello embroidery fans, do you know what kawaii means? It comes from Japanese and it means cute. And that is exactly what our new collection of in the hoop machine embroidery designs are all about. These patterns are first of all cute, but that is not all, they are also easy and versatile.

You can convince yourself of the cuteness simply by looking at these pictures. We switched it up a little and made new style of eyes and more minimal face features. This is one of the reasons these designs are so easy to make. The designs come with 2 parts, the stuffie and the limbs.

And there are more than one way to use them.

  1. Full body and limbs. You first make the limbs and then the body. You can use the shorter ones as hands and the longest as legs as shown in the pictures. Or you can switch them and make the arms longer and tie them around some sweets and you get a cute little gift for someone you love.
  2. Skip the limbs. You can start with the body directly and you just skip over stitching the limbs to the final contour. This way you get a cute simple softie.
  3. Do only contours. This is the fastest way you can use our designs. Do not make the limbs and when you make the body only do the contours and skip the face entirely. You will get a cute little decoration for your home.

We are so curious to see how you use them and what you create. Please share some pictures with us in our Facebook group here.

And don’t forget about our YouTube channel where you can see tutorials and more.

Oh, and did we tell you we have a special section with FREE DESIGNS?